We are the ONLY gym in the Greater Cincinnati area to offer CLIMB classes! These small group fitness classes utilize the world-renowned Versaclimber machines.

When you CLIMB, it just feels right. CLIMB will align your spine and engage all of the major muscle groups with zero impact. Unlike any other fitness machines, the Versaclimber doesn't create momentum; all steps are created by you - pushing, pulling, and stepping every foot of elevation you CLIMB.

We have a variety of CLIMB classes, ranging from 30-40 minutes long. These classes will engage your entire body, and the beat of the music will help to keep you moving! Whether you are looking to increase your endurance or build your strength, all while saving your joints, CLIMB classes are a great option for you.

All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to enjoy any of our CLIMB classes.



One of our coaches will teach you the nomeclature and give you a demo on the Versaclimber.

A few tips to remember (and we'll remind you in studio, too):

  • Foot straps should be loose to maintain blood flow
  • Handlebars should be shoulder-height or a little below; if you need help moving these, please ask your coach
  • When you CLIMB, keep your core engaged, and keep your torso and shins parallel to the vertical post of your Versaclimber
  • If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, grab onto the foam handrails and safely step off the Versaclimber
  • During your first couple of sessions you may develop numbness in hands or feet - this is normal. You can either push through or grab the foam handrails and safely step off of the Versaclimber
  • Expect to sweat!