No matter where you are in your fitness journey, our class experience promises to energize your mind, elevate your mood and enhance your health! Our 1 More Rep Cincinnati community is strong, friendly, and eager to break a sweat with you!

Not sure if 1 More Rep is for you? Come in and check us out! Sign up for a free trial class, you won't regret it, we promise!

Regardless of your fitness level, background, age or need for modification, you are welcome here! Come as you are and begin or continue your fitness journey with us! You'll continuously be challenged and encouraged while advancing at your own pace. You'll be sure to meet and exceed your goals as long as you're willing to push just 1 More Rep!

Our group workout experience is like no other! You will workout side-by-side with people of all different fitness levels, goals and modifications. Everyone does the same workout, but we tailor it to provide an extra challenge for some, or make modifications to fit your specific needs and goals.

1 More Reppers are friendly, welcoming and encouraging and make up our community for which we take so much PRIDE! We are so grateful that you are considering being a part of our 1 More Rep community.

We're located in the heart of Historic Madisonville!

4805 Whetsel Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

We have free parking in the rear of the building off of Peabody Street. Street parking is also available on both Whetsel Avenue and Peabody Street. Help us be neighborly by being sure you are not blocking any of our neighbor's driveways.

Our main entrance is through the rear parking lot. However, you can enter through the front of the building as well, just be mindful when you enter as a class may be going on.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class to be able to read and sign a waiver, get a tour of the studio and an overview of the class you are taking, or an introduction to the Versaclimber.

Be sure to use the iPad at the front desk to check in for each visit and class if doubling up.

Your CLIMB experience is right on the other side of the entrance. Enter this studio for a high intensity, full-body, no impact, 30-40 minute workout where you will CLIMB your heart out to rhythmic music! The room is dark but your sweat will glisten as the party lights dance to the beat of the music.

Your total body fitness begins in our wide open room where our 1 More Rep Coaches will put you through innovative routines that will challenge you and push you in every way.


Quench your thirst with our Quench Filtration & Water Dispenser, or enjoy our naturally flavored spa water, infused with fresh fruits and herbs.

We have towels because you will sweat, glisten, and sparkle... whatever you want to call it - it happens!

Socialize before or after your Friday and Saturday classes with a freshly brewed cup of Mad Llama coffee, or choose from a variety of fine hot teas.

For your convenience, we have two separate water closets as well as two separate washrooms. We also have a secluded preparation area where you can glam up for work, errands or fun!